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im pretty queer, i like art a lot and doges and trying to be a better person. i have a pretty extensive 1920s tag and a special blog for all of the stupid dog pictures i reblog at lauralovesdoges. trigger warning for sexual assault posts on here (that encompasses CSA, DV, etc)


Poesia’s “Reflexive" at Shooting Gallery SF.

Currently up at Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, California is artist Poesia’s solo show, “Reflexive,” which features his signature collages, abstract work and paintings.  Poesia is also responsible for “Graffuturism,” a term he developed for street artists who have moved past their street roots while still maintaining the freshness and urgency involved in street art.  Continue below for a lot more work from the San Francisco based artist.

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by Chiara Bautista

We are absolutely in love!

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George Willoughby Maynard (1843-1923), In Strange Seas - 1889

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if u wear cowboy clothes are u ranch dressing


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Polish art deco painter, glamorous socialite. Born to a wealthy family in Poland, she escaped to Paris with her husband in 1918, where she immediately began to pursue painting. Her style borrowed from the deconstructed forms of the cubists, combined with the sleek decadence of art deco. Well known for her scandalous sexual appetite along with her art, she was constantly having affairs with men and women, and fell into a circle of notable bisexual women including Vita Sackville-West and Colette. In 1939, she moved to America with her second husband to escape WWII, and became a favorite artist among the Hollywood set. Her work fell out of favor in the 1960s, only to find a new surge of popularity shortly before her death.

this is one of my favorite artists and she turned out to be queer!! yes!!

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Heart-shaped honeycomb


scientific study on how long it takes for arctic monkeys to reduce you into a sad sack of emotions and nostalgia on the floor in the dark