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im pretty queer, i like art a lot and doges and trying to be a better person. i have a pretty extensive 1920s tag and a special blog for all of the stupid dog pictures i reblog at lauralovesdoges. trigger warning for sexual assault posts on here (that encompasses CSA, DV, etc)


Never seek permission to live a spooky life. It is your right, it is within your ability.

You are the cemetery gate keeper to the boneyard surrounding your heart.

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in his first stage role, James Cagney (3rd from left) stands on stage with other male actors dressed in drag while a man in a sailor suit leans over to kiss one of them in the play Every Sailor, New York City, 1919. An actor dressed as a waiter pours a bottle of wine while watching. photo by Gene Lester



Jan Toorop (1858-1928)
Desire and satisfaction 1893



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he who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not start playing dnd as one - friedrice nicesheep

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89,729 plays
King of the Beach

my, my own friends
hate my guts
so what? who gives a fuck?

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Oliver stood, and set his hand on Robert’s shoulder. “Let nobody say that the Brothers Sinister have no idea how to be depraved.”

"There shall be brandy!" Sebastian stood. "And we shall even drink it, although Robert will stop after two glasses because he always does."



“When Elizabeth Bennett married Mr Darcy she had no rights at all. She couldn’t vote and she couldn’t hold property. There was no career path and no opportunities. It was not a happy time for women …
During the 18th century, it is suggested that one in five women were engaged in prostitution at some point during their lives.
The seedy underbelly of Jane Austen’s England. I’d love to be able to see this exhibit — sounds fascinating. Read more at “Sleeping Your Way to the Top.”

So, I liked this article but it was seriously lacking on details about the lives on these women, which I really would be interested in learning about! Does anyone know of books concerning women and prostitution/escorting/sexual politics during the Regency? (Or actually any other time period would be interesting.)

(also if you’re seeing this on like the victorian tag i swear im not a tag zombie id just like to read books about that era too)