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im pretty queer, i like art a lot and doges and trying to be a better person. i have a pretty extensive 1920s tag and a special blog for all of the stupid dog pictures i reblog at lauralovesdoges. trigger warning for sexual assault posts on here (that encompasses CSA, DV, etc)
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Dallas, Texas to Columbus, OH is one whole Texas away

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So, this happened!

Turning the term “the girls” into a literal thing. 

Photographer: End of the Road Studio

Model: Lady Sensuality

Location: Albuquerque, NM

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The thing about mental illness is that it’s not only a show for everyone else,  it’s a show for yourself too.

I remember one time having a conversation with someone whose friend was dating someone who was mentally ill and they commented, “They must get so tired of all of that.”

And yeah, I imagine they do. They must get really tired. 

But, having been through a few rabbit holes, I have to say that its a lot more tiring for yourself. I am so tired of being fatigued everyday, of feeling my chest constrict and my breathing weaken because someone made a stupid joke.

I am tired of feeling like a burden. I am tired of looking at my pills, counting them out, and wondering how many hundreds or thousands I have taken so far in my young life.

I am tired of passing by tall buildings and thinking “Yes, I could jump off of that, and it would kill me instead of simply paralyzing me.”

And I am tired of people who look at mental illness, and see only the co-survivors or the co-sufferers. The people who look at someone who committed suicide and think, “Oh they must have been so selfish,” instead of, “Oh they must have been in so much pain.”

A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts…
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*~vegan chocolate mousse~*

hi from your mod! my boyfriend’s mom sent me this recipe and i can testify that it is not only DELICIOUS, but accommodating of a ton of dietary restrictions!

to make this more affordable, i bet it can be made with nesquik or ovaltine instead of cocoa powder, or any kind of milk rather than almond. items like vanilla extract are great to keep stocked anyway because they last forever. if anyone tries it with substitutions, i’d love for you to submit your take on this yummy, simple dessert! <3

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Under Breast tattoos as requested

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"they really had it coming" said one witness

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